All-time Flax members:
Hermod Falch – lead vocals
John Hesla – guitar, flute, backing vocals
Lars Hesla – keyboards

Other live -, recording – or famous members of the band:
Hans Rotmo – bass
Arve Sakariassen – bass, backing vocals
Jørun Bøgeberg – bass, backing vocals
Morten Jakobsen – drums
Willy Bendiksen – drums
Bruce Carl Rasmussen – drums

See Family Tree for member details

Flax first gig: Oslo, Norway, August 28th 1971
Flax last gig: Hamar, Norway, February 15th 1985

Flax Owners 1987  >
Hermod Falch
John Hesla
Lars Hesla

Management: Ole Andre Skaret Hesla

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